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We hope to meet all your needs & create an unforgettable experience!

Angela Caspers and her team provide on-site services such as specialty styling, blow-outs, makeup and hair extensions! They are available to go wherever you need them in Arizona, California and other destinations to help you get ready for your wedding day!

You can also hire Angela to do your hair in the comfort of your own home! She is known for her Blondes and Brides clientele as well as hair extensions, beautiful blowouts and smoothing treatments! She loves to be apart of every brides' unique and special day, go behind the scenes at fashion shows, movies, TV shows, red carpet events or simply do hair wherever you need to get ready for your day! She works great under pressure, fast environments or a relaxing morning over coffee.

Angela and her best friend, Wesley Caspers, have been married since June 6, 2009. They opened an upscale salon in Washington and sold it in November 2016, so they could move to LA and eventually ended up in Arizona, where they now call home! Angela has been in the beauty industry since 2001 and is focused on providing high-quality service for her customers! She has been featured in Bridal Magazines, did hair and makeup for beauty pageants, the fashion segment of "New Day" on King 5, photo shoots, fashion shows and countless weddings! She loves what she does and is constantly seeking the next best thing to improve the lives of women with inner and outer beauty!

"Creating beauty that goes beyond the surface!"

-Angela Marguarite Caspers